Department of History (FF, UNTZ)

The Department of History and Geography, as a two-subject four-year study department, was established in the academic year 1993/94, as the seventh department of the newly formed Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tuzla. It existed as a two-subject study department (history-geography) until the academic year 1999/2000, when there was a division into two single-subject study departments: for history and for geography. The department has four scientific fields on the basis of which classes are mainly conducted, and these are: the Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and the Contemporary age.
The Department of History has been continuously contributing to society for years, both at the educational and scientific level. Although with a relatively small number of employees, five professors with PhD and one assistant with MA, the Department of History, in addition to its regular activities, continuously organizes international scientific conferences, public forums, various promotions, seminars and other related activities. for historical science. It should be noted here that the Department of History develops cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector, primarily with the parent institution, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Tuzla, then the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Sarajevo, Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton, Tuzla Canton Archives, Association of Archive Employees of the Tuzla Canton Archives Employees, Institute for History in Sarajevo, the Bathinvs Association in Sarajevo, the Center for Ottoman Studies Sarajevo, the Institute for the Protection and Usage of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Tuzla Canton, the Museum of Eastern Bosnia and other domestic and regional scientific and cultural institutions.
In its short past, the Department of History has paid great attention to scientific research, which has resulted in numerous publications (books, journals), doctoral dissertations, and scientific conferences. Thus, the Department, together with the Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton, launched the scientific journal Historical Thought in 2015. Prior to that, the Department was the publisher of the journal Knowledge. Also, in the past period, employees and associates of the Department have published a number of books of a scientific nature.

Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton

The Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton was founded at the Founding Assembly on December 19, 2013, which was held in the premises of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tuzla. The founders of the Association are a group of citizens, who are close to the program goals and tasks of the Association. The bodies of the Association are: the Assembly of the Association (headed by the President Midhat Spahić PhD, Assistant Professor) and the Board of Directors of the Association (President Bego Omerčević PhD, Full Professor). On March 31, 2014, the Association was registered, based on the Decision number: UP1-06 / 1-05-002209 / 14. The association is of a non-profit character, which is financed by contributions from donors and its members, as well as from other sources, in accordance with the Law.
The basic principles of the Association are: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness and openness. The Association of Historians of the Tuzla Canton is a scientific and professional association of historians - primary and secondary school teachers, university teachers and associates, researchers, as well as those whose activities are related to historical science. The Association realizes its tasks by studying scientific, teaching and professional issues, organizing scientific meetings, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, publishing scientific and professional publications, organizing study trips and performing other activities in the realization of program goals, in accordance with the Law. The activities of the Association are, among others: to help improve the teaching of history at all levels of education, as well as continuing professional education of history teachers; to work on the advancement of scientific - research activities in the field of history and to make the results of historical science available to the general public; to coordinate those activities which are based on the common interests of all members, in particular activities relating to international cooperation; to assist in the development of professional and scientific institutions, organizations, institutes for the protection of monuments, archives, libraries, museums and similar organizations, etc.
The Association operates in the Tuzla Canton, with the possibility of cooperation with similar associations, organizations and institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina and abroad. The seat of the Association is in Tuzla, street Slanac 52. The purpose of the Association is to organize historians from the Tuzla Canton and beyond in order to realize tasks of common interest, in accordance with the goals and activities of the Association.